Thursday, 17 May 2012

Artist of the week 4.... BEACH HOUSE

We thought it would be apt to use this as artist of the week as their fourth album (Bloom) has been released just this week...

Beach House is Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand and Bloom is the band’s fourth full-length album. Like their previous releases (Beach House in 2006, Devotion in 2008, Teen Dream in 2010), it further develops their distinctive sound yet stands apart as a new piece of work.

The landscape of Bloom was largely designed on the road, between the countless sound checks and myriad experiences during two years of tour. Throughout this period, melodies, chords, rhythms, words, and textures surfaced in moments of their own choosing. These spontaneous ideas were later gathered and developed in Baltimore, Maryland where the band lives and works.

Bloom was then recorded in late 2011 over a period of seven weeks at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, TX and mixed for another two at Electric Lady in NYC. The band co-produced the record with Chris Coady.

Bloom is for me a perfect summer album, the music is complex yet relaxing, with many sounds going on. I have been playing it on repeat this week and I hear something new everytime I listen to a song. I know I will be relaxing to this album alot over summer, (If we get one) in the garden with a few beers.. you should really need to listen to this band, I expect a bright future for these!