Friday, 27 April 2012

Artist of The Week 2 - Spector

This weeks artist of the week is Spector.

                      (We played Chevy Thunder the other week at TTGV which went down well.)

It was over 4 years ago that I stood in Manchester Club Academy watching the support act for the night Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man warm up for Lightspeed Champion.

This was my first encounter of Fred Macpherson.  Now fronting his third band in the form of Spector. Since last year the band has released three singles, all of which are well worth a listen!

What should you expect? Put simply synth based rock, think early The Killers with equally anthemic choruses yet with a darker edge. However this is no 80s re-run as can be heard in new single 'Celestine' (released 21st May).

So it would appear that this is third time band lucky for Macpherson with steady radio play and a highly anticipated album on the way later this year, there's defiantly no reason to be afraid for Spector's future.

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