Saturday, 21 April 2012

Last Friday Night!

On Friday we held another 'Through The Grapevine' event at Illuccinis' Cafe Bar in Congleton. This was our first one since Christmas which made us a little apprehensive about how many people would turn up... BUT after much flyering, guest DJ slots and alot of other types of promotion we had little to worry about as the night was a great success!

A masterclass by Josh in dance as he took to the floor.
All the tunes went down really well, we started off with a bit of Soul and Motown to get everyone into the groove. But itching to break out the Indie we got Blue Monday out of the record box and stylus met  record and the night went from strength to strength. From this point on more people started showing up and the venue started to get filled.

When the dance floor started to get busy we slammed on some real Indie bangers like; The Maccabies, Joy Division, Arctic Monkeys, Darwin Deez, Miles Kane and many more to keep the floor swinging. Whilst taking some requests as well... Although we did turn down someones request for One Direction... Our response being 'Your not at the right club night' Haha.

Over all the night was a great success with the bar and dance floor being very busy! Everyone asking when the next one will be, and making sure we let them know! All very positive stuff... We at TTGV are looking forward to the next one, with even bigger new things up and coming from us, the futures looking bright for TTGV and the lads!

More photos from the night can be seen here on our Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone that came down! It was great to see a lot of new faces! As well as all the trusty regulars to our nights!!!


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