Sunday, 8 April 2012

Guest Dj slot...

Last night  TTGV were asked to DJ a gig at the Park Pavilion in Congleton..

If you have never been, the bar is set on the border of the park overlooking all the gardens, making for a nice setting...

The two bands playing were The Generals and The Minx.

Kicking off were The Generals..

I was there for the sound test, and never hearing of The Generals before, after listening to the warm-up I was looking forward to the full set.

They did not disappoint... The acoustics of the building are quite demanding but the sound tech did a great job at overcoming this and the bands sounded great! Sound techs website - Highly Recommended! We use him for our gigs to! The band was very tight and had a really good sound and stage presence. A few of their riffs and vocals reminded us of The Maccabees in style, yet with a more harder or rockier approach. A great band and certainly one to look out for in the future!

Then it was over to us to spin some tunes, with only a crowd of about 40 or so it was slightly disappointing considering the quality of bands that were playing and considering the distance they'd travelled with The Generals coming from Sunderland! Not exactly just round the corner...

But we had great fun, we played mostly indie and slammed some soul tunes in for good measure, crowd seemed to respond well!

The headline act for the night The Minx then took to the stage..

I saw these last year at Congleton Scooter Festival and have been following them ever since. They owned the stage with their really unique sound, a mix of ska and rock . In the last year they have done really well playing alongside huge bands such as Badly Draw Boy. So I was well up for seeing them play in a more personal environment.

Apologies now for the photos ( Only got side profiles as we DJed before The Minx and worked it so they started on the last note of our tune, so we had to watch from the side)...
The Minx have a great and unique sound. Really lively and upbeat the lead singer (Chris Haddonhas a voice that matches the music perfectly. One thing I thought made the band was the keys throughout the songs, what a lot of people miss and focus on is the drums or guitars, the keys player (Kieran McIntyre) was amazingly skilled and this made a lot of the songs for me. They did a set of about 30 minutes, after this the crowd chanted for a certain song... the lead singer annoucing he'd never played it live before and hoped the keyboard played could remember the chords.. It was called a love song for brew! The song was dedicated for his love of tea, which rather amused me. Watch it here - Chris Haddon (The Minx) - Love Song To Brew

They then played a couple of new songs after this and then finished. A great set, really lively and a great band. Hugely recommend them and I'll certainly keep on the lookout for them!

The crowd then dispersed and we left.... overall a great night having seen two brilliantly talented bands.. Shame there wasn't more people there but that didn't change the attitude of the bands who put everything into their performances.


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